Ann Arbor Saline Family Chiropractic - Dr. Kimberly Jackson

About Dr. Jackson

My name is Kimberly Jackson. Hello and welcome! I've been in practice in Ann Arbor since 1992, and have been located on Ann Arbor-Saline road for the majority of that time. I earned my degree in 1991 from Logan College in St. Louis, Missouri. Having been born and raised in Michigan, I was excited to return to Michigan to open my practice.

Living life is so interesting to me. I have always enjoyed meeting people from all walks of life. In this way, my practice complements my personality well. Before I chose chiropractic medicine, I was a chef for twelve years, 3 of those years with Moveable Feast, here in the area. This background has given me an abiding understanding and respect for delicious, healthy nutrition and its role in our health.

If I ever have spare time in my life I have a variety of pursuits that keep me active outside of work. First and foremost are my daughters, Kai and Jadyn. We share a love of swimming, hiking, cooking, and I have a passion for gardening, which you will see at the practice.

With luck, these few paragraphs have given you a feeling for who I am, and by extension, how I approach other people. Each of us is unique and each of us wears many hats from day-to-day. My patients come from an amazing variety of occupations and backgrounds — from dancers, athletes and musicians — to teaching, construction, law, and medicine. My practice is based on referrals, which shows my ability to cultivate relationships and provide quality care. It demonstrates the trust my patients place in me, which I strive to earn anew each day. I treat the whole person and the whole family, one integrated diagnosis at a time.

How we manage our time keeps us in one kind of balance — we moderate work with play, balance excitement with calm. We also feel well when our emotions are on an even keel. It's natural that our bodies thrive when they are in balance, too. The tugs-of-war between rest and exercise, sleep and wakefulness, hunger and satiety, are amazingly accurate measures of our wellness.

Stress, injury or strain puts us out of balance. Our bodies are remarkable in the way they heal from injury and adapt to stresses and strains. Part of getting back into balance is figuring out the source of the imbalance. Often, we aren't even aware that our bodies are seeking a new equilibrium, because the stresses are transparent to us. We don't realize until we catch a cold that we haven't been getting good sleep. We don't realize until our feet are sore that our shoes don't fit well. We don't see ourselves slouching at our desks until our backs ache. Postural accommodations and repetitive motion injuries are so common and yet so treatable. Becoming aware of a chronic strain or stressor that's causing us trouble is the first step towards healing — once we're aware of it, we can stop re-injury. The remainder of healing is to help the body help itself. Chiropractic care does exactly that.

Injuries sustained in youth are so often the culprit of chronic adult problems. It's easy to gloss over the seriousness of the tumbles we may have taken when we were small. Who among us doesn't have a tale of kid adventure that is part of the common lore — a childhood trauma or two that may even seem funny in retrospect. Just because children heal rapidly doesn't mean they heal properly. It is these early times when our bodies are knocked out of balance that we learn to accommodate and begin to accumulate our injuries. That spill off the bike, playground equipment, or quarterhorse, wasn't just a bonk on the head or getting the wind knocked out of you. Without realizing it, that injury sowed the seeds of a nagging future problem. The same is true of the posture habits we develop early in life. Of course, the earlier you address an injury or posture habit, the less it will trouble you down the road. But it is also true that our bodies like feeling better, and are eager to respond to treatment that brings them back into a state of balance and wellness. In other words, there's no time like the present to start feeling good and getting better!